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Kitty Angels is an IRS APPROVED 501c3 charity that does not receive any funding at all from the government. Our work is carried out by a small group of unpaid volunteers.

Kitty Angels provides daily care to over 100 Feral Cats, 365 days a year in all types of weather. We also provide TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), vaccinations, medical care when cats are ill or injured, and on-going medication to special needs cats. The average cost of medical care is easily several hundred dollars, and emergency care costs can run into the thousands. Kitty Angels is primarily self-funded, which means that costs are absorbed by our own salaries.

In addition, Kitty Angels provides adoption services to Feral Cats from our colonies who are socialized and friendly. We spend an average of $125 to get a healthy animal ready for adoption. Most of them are placed by our adoption partners, and we happily forfeit their adoption fees. If you could find it in your heart to make a donation, we would greatly appreciate it.

You may mail a payment in the form of a check or money order to:

P.O. Box 27
Fairplay, MD 21733

or donate using PayPal:


Here are ways your donation helps:

  • $10 purchases a shelter to protect outdoor cats from the elements
  • $25 improves the life of disadvantaged cats by providing daily nutritious food and supplements
  • $50 provides life-saving vaccines and parasite treatment to one Feral Cat
  • $100 prevents endless litters of kittens through spay/neuter services
  • $125 prepares a homeless cat for adoption into a loving, forever home
  • $250 reduces suffering by providing medical care to a sick, homeless cat
  • $500 delivers life-long medication to special needs cats under Kitty Angels care
  • $1000 obtains initial emergency medical services to needy cats in critical situation

Please help us to assist homeless Feral Cats by making a donation. Any and all donations are appreciated. Even $1 counts because it adds up to hundreds which adds up to thousands. 100% of your donation goes towards improving and saving the lives of deprived, deserving cats. All donations are tax deductible.



Gift Cards from pet stores are a great way to be assured that you are providing much needed supplies to homeless Feral Cats. We use these to purchase cat food, supplements, holding cages, cat carriers, litter boxes, etc.
Gift Cards may be sent to Kitty Angels, Inc., P.O. Box 27, Fairplay, MD 21733


Hold a Bake Sale and donate all proceeds to Kitty Angels. Kitty Angels will provide you with flyers, a banner for your table, and a Donation Jar for those who wish to donate change. Contact Kitty Angels
to assist you with this effort.


Host a Purrfect Birthday Party! Suggestions include collecting cat food, litter, supplies, and pet store gift cards in lieu of regular gifts. You will have the best birthday ever knowing that the donations you have collected at your party will give a homeless cat the best gifts of all – LIFE AND VALUE. In collecting for homeless cats, you are sending a clear message to others that their life matters.
Beyond this message, you are also setting an example for others to follow which, in turn, makes the world a better place in which to live.


Help us help homeless Feral Cats by placing a Donation Jar at your business. Donation Jars are a great way for the public to easily and affordably contribute to Kitty Angels. Pennies add up to dollars which adds up to providing much needed care to cats in need. Please contact Kitty Angels to arrange for a Donation Jar to be dropped off at your place of business. A Kitty Angels volunteer can regularly stop by in order to collect donations.


Honor and remember those special to you, both human and animal, by making a donation in their name to Kitty Angels. Make a donation of $25 or more and we will send a card to the recipient of your choice indicating your donation to Kitty Angels in Honor/Memory of them. Honorary gifts can be made for any special occasion including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations or other milestones in life you would like to recognize. Memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to acknowledge the passing of those dear to us while giving homeless Feral Cats a second chance at life. This is also a great gift for someone who loves animals or people without pets who want to help. Please provide Kitty Angels with the recipients’ name and address as well as a brief description of the occasion along with your donation.


Consider leaving a lasting legacy by naming Kitty Angels as a beneficiary in your will. You may choose to leave a life insurance policy, an IRA, stock, property, or money. Your generosity could change the lives of homeless Feral Cats by providing a “safe haven” sanctuary. It is the dream of Kitty Angels to have a sanctuary that provides a forever home to Feral Cats in need.


Have you always wanted to make a personal contribution to help homeless animals but did not know how you could help? Have you always wanted an animal, but are not in the position to have one?

Kitty Angels are volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to making a difference in the lives of homeless Feral Cats. Most Feral Cats are “down on their luck”— primarily because of views society has cast upon them. One by one, Kitty Angels becomes their voice. We are the voice that says “I am the product of human neglect“ “I am homeless not worthless” “I just want to live” or “I did nothing to deserve abuse.” Each volunteer sees the value in Feral Cats and envisions a world where Feral Cats and communities co-exist peacefully. Providing for these cats has left each and every volunteer with an incredible feeling of inspiration and motivation to do better in life.

Join us in our efforts! Become a “Kitty Angel” by becoming a shining light and hope for a homeless Feral Cat who needs your help.

Contact Kitty Angels by email if you would like to help in any of the following areas:


Work involves taking food and water to a Feral Cat colony. It also involves alerting Kitty Angels to any changes at the site that may affect cat safety, any additional cats that are not part of the original colony, or sick/injured cats.


Work involves assisting with trapping Feral Cats that need to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.


Work involves transporting Feral Cats to medical and spay/neuter appointments.


Work involves creativity in soliciting donations, and planning and organizing events.


Locate and write grants for Kitty Angels.


Work involves assisting with paperwork, record keeping, and statistics.


Work involves building feeding stations and shelters.


Donating any of the items on the Wish List is a great way to directly improve the lives of Feral Cats. Please call us to arrange for pick-up of donated items.

Canned Cat Food
Dry Cat Food
Canned Kitten Food
Cat Litter
Paper Towels
Sturdy Garbage Bags
Dish Soap
Cat Beds
Cat Carriers
Humane Traps
Blankets (to place in holding cages for cats awaiting medical and spay/neuter)
Mylar Blankets (for shelters)
Straw (for shelters)
Nutrisystem Heavy Duty Styrofoam Coolers (for shelters)