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To educate the public about the plight of Feral Cats and the management of Feral Cat colonies in order to save lives.


KITTY ANGELS is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose primary focus is to provide BASIC CARE AND MANAGEMENT for several local Feral Cat colonies. We provide ADOPTION SERVICES to friendly Feral Cats from our specific colonies and help make alternative living arrangements for those unable to return to their original colonies due to medical conditions. We also provide EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION to the public about the plight of Feral Cats in order to protect and improve their lives, including Feral Cat colony management in order to save lives.

  • BASIC CARE AND MANAGEMENT We provide everything to Feral Cat colonies under OUR care including shelter, daily food and water, medical services and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to help control the population. All the comforts of “home” are provided year round (365 days a year/any type of weather). NOT A DAY GOES BY THAT THEY ARE NOT CARED FOR.
  • ADOPTION SERVICES We provide adoption services for Feral Cats from OUR colonies that are socialized and friendly. WE ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE ADOPTION SERVICES FOR THE PUBLIC OR OTHER FERAL CAT COLONIES AS OUR RESOURCES ARE LIMITED. Additionally, we provide alternative living arrangements for Feral Cats from OUR colonies that need daily medical care/medications and can no longer live at their original colonies.
  • PROVIDE EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION We teach others how to manage Feral Cat colonies. Teaching others how to do this will help people to understand that Feral Cats can live wonderful lives in the very colonies where they are currently living. The alternative is taking them to the shelter where their fate is often death because they are not adoptable. Most Feral Cats are scared of humans. We also help direct the public to resources to assist with this effort.